Volunteer Campus

Student Rotunda is a non-profit, volunteer-run, Student Rotunda campus and community radio station situated right on top of Burnaby Mountain. Our mandate is to provide diverse, high-quality radio programming, the kind of programming mainstream media often ignores. You can say our musical tastes are eclectic–hip-hop, reggae, thrash metal, electronica, 1960’s surfer rock, and Portuguese folk music are just some of the sounds you’d find in our jukebox. Student Rotunda also has an extraordinary spoken-word department that reports on everything from community arts, to social justice, to mental health and wellness issues.

Student Rotunda is currently operated by over 150 enthusiastic and creative volunteers from the campus and community. Volunteers can be found doing a variety of activities: hosting their own radio show, excavating the music archives, reporting from political and activist rallies, staging special music events, DJ’ing on the Pride Float, designing the awesome stickers, magnets, t-shirts, and posters you can pick up at the station yourself.