Student Groups

Welcome to SFU Student Groups of the Rotunda!

What are the SFU Student Groups of the Rotunda?

We are student-run organizations who can help you get involved in the campus community in a meaningful way. We all operate independently, although some of us are funded by the Simon Fraser Student Society, and are technically part of it. Others are funded directly by SFU students through small fee levies and are incorporated as independent non-profit societies.

As well as our different focuses, we all offer volunteer and job training opportunities, skills and trailing, social space and a way for you to plug into life on the SFU campus and beyond.

Check out the groups that interest you and find out what we have to offer and how you can get involved.

Make your university experience the best it can be, take part in the SFU community: gain skills, find resources and meet great people!

Where are these groups located?

We’re located in “the Rotunda”, which is officially called the Transportation Center. Hence all our addresses begin with a “TC”. We’re right above the first bus loop as you enter the campus.

SFSS Elections – Questions for Candidates

The student groups of the Rotunda send out a set of questions to all candidates running in the SFSS elections.These questions are asked to all candidates in order to inform students of candidates’ stance on a range of student issues.