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Welcome to SFU Student Groups of the Rotunda! What are the SFU Student Groups of the Rotunda? We are student-run organizations who can help you get involved in the campus community in a meaningful way. We all operate independently, although some of us are funded by the Simon Fraser Student Society, and are technically part

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Volunteer Campus

Student Rotunda is a non-profit, volunteer-run, Student Rotunda campus and community radio station situated right on top of Burnaby Mountain. Our mandate is to provide diverse, high-quality radio programming, the kind of programming mainstream media often ignores. You can say our musical tastes are eclectic–hip-hop, reggae, thrash metal, electronica, 1960’s surfer rock, and Portuguese folk music are just some of

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We are the saviours of planet Earth

Students Association

Comfortable Space

Student Groups

Who Are We

Student Rotunda is a student funded and directed resource centre on campus. We are dedicated to social and environmental justice through education, action, and research. Come by and check out our services, resources, library, workshops & training, student travel, research program (ARX) and volunteer opportunities.


What More?

A wide variety of social programming & educational events are offered each semester, including discussion groups, student travellers, movie screenings, craft nights, potlucks, educational workshops, fundraisers, pub nights, and more. Attending OOC events is a great way to meet new people, discuss interesting topics, learn new skills, support the LGBT community & enjoy the company of queer & our friends & allies. Find out more!